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Ctenopoma fasciolatum, Microctenopoma fasciolatum. Family: Anabantidae

The native land Ctenopoma fasciolatum the Central and the Western Africa. The small fish in the superficial places which have grown with plants keeps, preferring reservoirs with transparent and pure water.

At Ctenopoma fasciolatum high, extended and the body a bit compressed on each side. A head large with a sharp snout. Back and anal fins long. Colouring of a small fish depends on a place of its origin and can be blue or brown colour from 8-12 dark cross-section strips on each side. At the male back and anal fins on the end are is threadlike extended. Unpaired fins with numerous is bluish-brown specks. The female is painted more faintly the male. In spawning becomes brown with the white strip which is passing from a branchiate cover and to the basis of a tail fin. At length the male Ctenopoma fasciolatum grows to 8,5 sm, the female to 7 see.

Ctenopoma fasciolatum an unpretentious and peaceful small fish. Forms a patriarchal family. To contain it is better with similar on the size and temperament neighbours. Breathes atmospheric air by means of a branchiate labyrinth so, the aquarium should be densely closed from above that over a water surface always there was warm air, and she has not caught a cold. Keeps Ctenopoma fasciolatum on the average and bottom sheets of water.

To contain Ctenopoma fasciolatum it is possible in a specific or general aquarium in length from 60 sm with thickets sclerophyllous plants ( And floating plants with roots hanging down downwards) and various shelters (grottoes from stones, snags, clay pots). Water parametres optimum for the maintenance: rigidity 3-10 °, рН 6.0-7.0, temperature 24-28 °С. The filtration, aeration and weekly substitution to 30 % of volume of water is necessary.

Ctenopoma fasciolatum uses in food a live forage, substitutes.

For cultivation Ctenopoma fasciolatum it is necessary spawning in the length from 50 see In an aquarium there should be shelters
, thickets of plants with the extended stalk and plants floating on a surface with large leaves. Water parametres optimum for cultivation: rigidity 2-4 °, рН 6.5-6.8, temperature 25-28 °С. The filtration (is better the peat filter approaches) is desirable. The male builds a nest of foam under sheet of a floating plant. The female Ctenopoma fasciolatum throws to 1000 berries. After spawning a female removed from spawning, and the male it is necessary to look after caviar. The incubatory period lasts about 24-36 hours, and in 4-5 days fry start to float and eat. During this moment of the male too delete. A starting forage: rotifers.

Ctenopoma fasciolatum, Microctenopoma fasciolatum. Family: Anabantidae
Sexual maturity Ctenopoma fasciolatum reaches at the age of 1,5-2 years.

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